[ What’s ‘No Phone-Butt’? ]

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     Ladies, (and some gents) how much research, time, and effort have you put into finding your favorite pair of jeans? You know, the ones that make your butt look great. I know when I go jeans shopping, I try on a double handful of different styles and designers to find that perfect fit. The last thing I want to do then is stash my smartphone into the back pocket ruining the lines of my great-butt finds, not to mention possibly sitting on and cracking my expensive device. This being one of my fashion peeves, I declare “No Phone-Butt“.  When I created my new product, Peepsnake® iPhone Scarf, I discovered a bonus feature –it freed me from phone-butt.  YeeHaw, stamping out fashion faux pas one fanny at a time.

Now about No Phone-Butt…and other lessons learned along the way [an inventor’s blog]… It’s about the process that started me down my path of product development and entrepreneurship— a love of creativity and style, a drive to work hard, and a desire to learn new things!  [To read my blog feed, click ‘An Inventor’s Blog’ at top.]